Top 10 Golf Balls Of 2014

There are lots of things to consider when buying golf balls. First of all, you need to consider your skill level. Are you a beginner in this sport, or perhaps, a professional golfer? Another thing to consider is the manner that you play the game. You have to determine if you are a short hitter. Maybe you often hit hooks, or perhaps, slices or spin-offs? By knowing your skill level and your ability to play the game, choosing the perfect golf ball will be so much easier for you.

The great thing about the golf balls of today is that most of them are made with the most high tech features and innovative technology that can greatly help you with your game. Most of them are also made from the finest quality materials which you don’t usually find in the older versions of golf balls.


If you are new to the world of golf, deciding which of these golf balls is right for you might be a bit daunting. Doing a bit of research in the Internet and getting yourself acquainted with some of the leading brands of golf balls can certainly help you in making the right decision. Here is a list of the top 10 golf balls of 2014.

  1. Bridgestone Precept 2014 Tour B330-RXS 1-Dozen Golf Balls

The Tour B330 RXS one dozen golf balls from Bridgestone Precept are among those golf balls in the market that are definitely worth checking out. It comes with highly innovative features, such as the latest Hydro Core which is extremely soft and is well optimized to achieve great swing speeds that are below 105 mph.

The golf balls are also made from an extremely soft urethane cover that provides added greenside spin and control. The mantle layer of the golf balls offset the backspin in order to increase accuracy and distance. With these golf balls, you can guarantee excellent performance in the golf course.

  1. Bridgestone Precept Laddie X 15-Pack Golf Balls

The Laddie X golf balls from Bridgestone Precept comes in a pack of 15 balls. The balls are made of a two piece Surlyn cover and feature a muscle fiber core with enhanced velocity. It is also one of those balls that come equipped with the innovative wind cheating dimple design as well as the touch n control Ionomer cover material.

  1. Titleist DT Solo Golf Balls (12-Pack)

Titleist is known for creating some of the best golf gears and accessories. For 2014, they have created several outstanding golf balls and one of these is the DT Solo Golf Balls which come in a pack of 12. The golf balls come with innovative features that result to a highly responsive game performance. It has super soft and fast core, allowing you to achieve long lasting drive.

  1. Titleist Velocity Golf Balls (12-Pack)

The Velocity golf balls from Titleist feature a fast initial velocity which results to an explosive distance. It has a tight and consistent ball flight and has a deep and downrange peak trajectory. It is ideal for all types of golfers and it helps to achieve a playable feel during the short game.

  1. Bridgestone Precept 2014 Tour B330-S 1-Dozen Golf Balls

Bridgestone Precept has released quite a lot of golf balls in the market lately and among these are the Tour B330 S golf balls, which come in a pack of one dozen balls. The golf balls feature a re-engineered Dual Mantle design that minimizes the spin of the ball for long distance shots. It also features a very soft urethane cover that is Tour proven, which provides extra greenside spin and control in the green.

  1. Bridgestone Precept 2014 Tour B330 1-Dozen Golf Balls

Another golf ball from Bridgestone Precept that you may want to check out is this B330 1-Dozen Golf Balls that come with excellent features. Just like with most of the latest golf balls from Bridgestone, these balls are made of a re-engineered dual mantle design which reduces the spin for an even longer distance shots. It also features a Tour proven cover made of urethane which results to a superior greenside control.

  1. Bridgestone Precept 2014 Tour B330-RX Optic Yellow 1-Dozen Golf Balls

Another golf ball from Bridgestone is this optic yellow golf balls that come with innovative features. These golf balls come with features similar to other B330 RX golf balls from Bridgestone, except that for these balls, they have attractive optic yellow cover which results to a more enhanced visibility. It is not like your traditional white golf balls and this is beneficial since it allows players to be able to easily locate their golf balls right after every shot.

  1. Bridgestone Precept 2014 Tour B330-RX 1-Dozen Golf Balls

The pack of Tour B330-RX 1-Dozen Golf Balls is the latest pack of golf balls that Bridgestone has released in the market. These golf balls feature the latest Hydro Core that is very soft and is optimized to achieve excellent swing with speeds that are below 105 mph. The balls are made of urethane cover that is 20% thinner and minimizes the spin off the tee while maintaining excellent tour level control in the golf course. It also features the mantle layer which offsets backspin, increasing distance as well as accuracy in every shot.

  1. Titleist Pro V1x Golf Balls (Pack of 12)

Titleist has also released a lot of golf balls in the market lately. Among these are the V1x golf balls which are designed for golfers who are seeking higher launch with low spin in order to achieve a longer and straighter distance. The balls boast a consistent flight and feature a Drop and Stop greenside control, exclusive to Titleist Pro.

  1. 50 Titleist Pro V1x 2014 AAAA Near Mint Used Golf Balls

If you are fine with using used golf balls in the golf course, then the Titleist Pro V1x 2014 AAAA near Mint Used Golf Balls are highly recommended. The balls come in a pack of 50 and just like with most of the golf balls from Titleist Pro; these balls feature an increased spin control, allowing you to achieve a more consistent flight.