Top 10 Golf GPS Rangefinders Of 2014

The GPS rangefinder is among the most useful gadgets used in golf today. If you are not sure as to how far you will need to hit your next shot, then you cannot expect to hit such shot with confidence and with better accuracy. This is how the golf rangefinders come in handy. This gadget helps you to achieve the best shot with utmost confidence and accuracy.

The device works by providing you with information on the accurate distance measurements which you can rely on in order to achieve the best shot. The device is often accurate within + or – 1 yard, although the accuracy of the device will also depend on its make and model. It is for this reason why you should make sure to choose the best golf GPS rangefinder in the market.

There are several different brands and models of GPS rangefinders that you can find in the market. Most of them make use of a laser beam which bounces off the intended target in order to provide you with accurate reading. There are also those that use a satellite signal in locating your position and providing you the most accurate distance reading in accordance to how far you are from your intended target.

To help you choose the best GPS rangefinders, here is a list of the top 10 golf GPS rangefinders of 2014.

10 – GolfBuddy Voice GPS Rangefinder

The Voice Golf GPS Range Finder is among the best rangefinders in the market now. It is among the smallest GPS units available in the market with a dimension of 1.7” x 1.7” and weight of one pound. Because of its size, the device is so convenient to carry around that you can simply clip it on your visor. The device speaks and displays distances to you by simply pressing just one single button.

9 – Bushnell Neo+ Golf GPS Rangefinder

The Neo+ GPS Rangefinder for Golf is among the smallest GPS devices in the market. It is a compact device which you can easily carry around in the golf course. The device is very easy to use as well and is preloaded with more than 25,000 golf courses from around the world. It is capable of providing accurate distance on the front, center, as well as the back portion of the greens.

8 – Bushnell NEO-X Golf GPS Rangefinder Watch, Black

The NEO XS Watch is among the latest models today. It is pre-loaded with more than 33,000 plus courses from more than 30 countries worldwide. It features the auto course recognition that allows users to be able to easily locate their course. It also comes equipped with an auto hole advance which means that golfers will no longer have to touch the watch right after starting it on the first round.

7 – Bushnell Tour V3 Jolt Golf Laser Rangefinder

The V3 Jolt laser rangefinder features the latest ergonomic design and boasts an award winning PinSeeker feature that is equipped with JOLT Technology. The device sets the standard for having a complete laser rangefinder package, with ultimate design, great performance and excellent feel. This device has a range finding performance of 10 up to 1,000 yards, as well as 300 yards to flag with either + or – 1 yard of accuracy. It also has the Pin Seeker technology which includes a Jolt Vibration that gets activated if the Pin Seeker is triggered. There is also a scan mode available which provides players with continuous information in an updated LCD display as you stroll through the golf course.

6 – Bushnell NEO XS Golf Rangefinder GPS Watch

One of the best features of the NEO XS rangefinder watch is the auto course recognition. With this feature, users will be able to easily locate their course. This also means that they will no longer have to touch the watch right after starting one round. It also comes equipped with an odometer and the standard watch features, like alarm, timer and stopwatch.

5 – Bushnell Clip and Go Universal Golf Cart Mount for Laser Rangefinders

The clip and go golf cart mount laser rangefinder is very useful for all golfers in any skill level. It helps to secure your laser rangefinders to about any kind of golf cart or to any golf bag. It secures all of the Bushnell rangefinders with its positive locking inset and it clamps well to any size of golf bag or cart pillar.

4 – SkyCaddie Golf GPS Watch

This golf GPS watch from SkyCaddie is an easy and affordable device that comes preloaded with various golf courses. It is easy to use and it provides information on how far it is away from the target and how far they hit their clubs. The device is very useful in your game for without this information, you will not be able to achieve the best shot.

3 – Garmin Approach G3 Waterproof Touchscreen Golf GPS

This device comes with a compact design and has greatly evolved ever since the USGA has decided to legalize the use of GPS for tournaments. The device is capable of providing you with accurate information on the distance to the hole as well as to other targets and hazards.

2 – Callaway Golf UPRO MX+ GPS Device

The UPRO MX+ from Callaway introduces the latest trend in Golf GPS rangefinder devices. The device is capable of providing you with much detailed course information, allowing you to excel in you game. The device is lightweight and compact and is definitely easy to use. It allows you to come up with the best decisions and helps you to play with utmost confidence in the golf course, even if you consider yourself a beginner on this sport.

1 – IZZO Swami 4000 Golf GPS

The IZZO Swami is an affordable alternative to those high end Golf GPS units that come with very hefty price tags. It works extremely well and provides a lot of excellent features and great benefits that can help to maximize your golfing performance. The device comes preloaded with more than 25,000 golf course maps and does not require any annual subscription fee.