What Orlimar Golf Bags Are The Best?

Just like Adidas, Puma, Wilson and Nike, the Orlimar brand has over the years established a solid reputation among golf. Renowned for the manufacture of high quality golfing accessories, such as golf gloves, balls, clubs and golfing bags, this brand is fast gaining popularity for their top notch products at a very fair price.

Golf is virtually synonymous with elegance and for this reason a good golfing is a must have for both amateur and professional golfers. There are numerous Orlimar Golf Bags you can choose from that will be worth your money. Complete with several innovative features, these bags offer utmost protection to all your golfing essentials. Below are my all-time favorite Orlimar Golfing Bags designs that you ought to consider buying.

Orlimar SRX+ Golf Stand Bag

The Orlimar SRX+ brand features a graphite safe top which protects all your valuables. Designed to conveniently accommodate all your golfing accessories, the Orlimar SRX+ will surely not let you down. Furthermore, the bag not only accommodates your golfing accessories but also has an ample storage for beverages, garments , and even the umbrella.

Similarly, the bag is designed to ensure maximum comfort while being carried around the golf course. Complete with double padded straps, this model is designed to ensure your shoulders won’t hurt even if carried for a long duration of time.

Orlimar CDX Golf Cart Bag

Featuring a 13 way divider top that has been skillfully integrated with both the top and bottom handle for easier transportation, this deluxe version is the most ideal for those golfers who want to stand out. Complete with numerous pockets that are more than enough to handle all your golfing essentials, this model is also equipped with towel hooks, tea holders, GPs pocket, glove holder and an umbrella holder. The bag fits perfectly on any type of golf cart.

Orlimar Diamond Series Cart Bag

Mostly ideal for lady golfers looking for classy golfing bags that they can expediently carry on the well mowed lawns of the golf course. Featuring 14 compartments and a graphite lining safe top, this model is not only famous for its stylish design but also its durability.

The model is designed to safely guarantee the safety of all your clubs.in addition, the model is also equipped with a total of three spacious pockets and an insulated cooler pocket for beverages. Designed with handles at the bottom and the top and a well cushioned strap that is similar to most Orlimar golfing bags, guarantees ease in transportation.

Orlimar CVX Ladies Edition

Another Orlimar edition for all the stylish lady golfers out there who want to look fashionable in the golf course. Available in colors such as lavender and pink, this Orlimar golf bag has captured the heart of so many lad golfers.

Though this model is very spacious, they are very light to carry around and any lady will not have a hard time carrying it. The padded carrying straps have been designed to be large enough to ensure comfort while on the shoulders and back. Just like all other versions, the Orlimar CVX edition has also been fitted with umbrella holder, beverage pocket, valuables pocket and a garment pocket. you will also be shocked to find this model is very affordable as it costs less than 100 dollars.