What Srioxon Golf Balls Are The Best?

Golf has been around for ages. The most accepted fact is that it came from Scotland in the 1100s. Although it is a very popular game, it is not as popular as basketball which was just invented in the 1900s. Probably, the game is not as physical as sports are expected to be.

Choosing the right golf ball for your game is an absolute must to play your best. Using the wrong golf ball will cost you strokes… possibly many strokes. Why? Because each golf ball is designed for a specific swing type and reacts differently to a number of factors

Srixon gives you a helping hand in choosing the right golf ball to take you game to the next level

Srixon is a brand owned by SRI Sports Limited, a subsidiary of Sumitomo Rubber Industries Ltd., specializing in golf and tennis. Srixon is most well known globally for its golf balls, holding the largest number of golf ball patents worldwide, and having previously supplied other leading manufacturers such as Dunlop Slazenger with great success. They also produce a full range of golf clubs and accessories.

Having previously produced golf balls for other major golf brands, particularly for Dunlop Slazenger including the high end Maxfli Tour Balata HT ball, Srixon now market their own range of Srioxon Golf balls.

Z-STAR:The z-star’s 344 speed dimple™ technology, combined with the large energetic gradient growth™ core, allows it to produce a consistent ball flight that is virtually unyielding to the wind. The addition of spin skin™, a newly developed proprietary coating, increases friction between the club and ball by 20%, resulting in added greenside spin and control without sacrificing distance.

Q-STAR:The Q-STAR is redefining game improvement golf balls. a ball engineered for the average golfer, with more distance and accuracy off the tee and more control from fairway to green. The q-star is the perfect combination of distance and control off the tee and spin performance around the green. Coupled with its superior soft feel and visual performance of pure white and tour yellow, the new q-star is our most advanced game-improvement golf ball to date.

Soft Feel:this soft feeling distance ball is designed to launch high with low spin to create exceptional distance and control. The low compression design of this golf ball delivers a high moment of inertia which lead to greater accuracy on off-center shots. also featuring the visual performance of pure white for greater visibility.

Soft Feel for Ladies:This soft feel lady is designed specifically for women, promoting a higher trajectory for greater distance with every club in the bag. the newly engineered super-soft energetic gradient growth core provides a soft feel on all shots from tee to green.

Marathon:The marathon is designed with distance and durability bred into its core. The large, highly resilient energetic gradient growth(tm) core delivers extreme distance while the strong ionomer covers protects it from harsh elements. This value offering is one of the longest and most durable golf balls we have ever made.